BeMyEye is Europe's leading mobile crowdsourcing platform with a crowd of more than 350,000 users. Here we present the Grocery Report 2016, a study into the price of a basket of goods collected by our 'Eyes' across the grocer, convenience, off licence and independent supermarket sectors.

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We were able to use the power of our ‘Eyes’, our 350,000+ strong crowd of incentivised app-users and data gatherers, to carry out price checks across over 300 stores in the UK consisting of grocers, convenience stores and off-licences to deliver an in-depth analysis of which parts of the UK are cheapest and most expensive to purchase your food basics in post-Brexit Britain in just FOUR days.
There were a number of interesting insights arising from our
Grocery Report that reflected our changing shopping habits of making purchases "little and often". The constantly shifting landscape of the grocery market means brands must make rapid business decisions to maximise revenue making potential and the speed at which BeMyEye can carry out store checks and price checking is unparalleled, making us an essential ally for brands operating in the grocery and convenience sectors.

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