Peace of Mind From BeMyEye

Creating a product and being proud of it go hand in hand. It makes sense that you want to ensure your products and promotional materials are being properly represented at a store level. With BeMyEye, you achieve this peace of mind through utilising our database of Eyes who will go out and engage with sales staff and make sure that they are presenting and promoting your products as you’ve requested.

At BeMyEye, we’ve used our skilled team of data gatherers to carry out mystery shopping on behalf of some of Europe’s largest brands including Vodafone and Colgate and the results they’ve gathered has allowed businesses to get closer their consumers and ensure that they are delivering the best customer experience possible.

Achieving the ‘Perfect Store’

Pursuit of perfection is a preoccupation of many businesses but the dream of the so-called ‘Perfect Store’ can become a reality through the BeMyEye platform. We offer a comprehensive overview of how your products are being presented at a store level. We provide unparalleled precision and speed and the data we supply can be used to inform what you’re doing right and, perhaps more importantly, what’s not being done right in your pursuit of the ‘Perfect Store’. BeMyEye provides the requisite insights to make impactful changes.

Achieving the ‘Perfect Store’ is so much easier with BeMyEye and that’s why the likes of Nespresso and Heineken rely on us for all of their mystery shopping requirements.

See What Your Customers See

At BeMyEye we work with businesses to really provide them with a real-world overview of exactly the sort of experience that their customers have when heading into retail stores to make purchases. We have Europe’s largest database of incentivised data gatherers who can be used in bespoke campaigns which we work with you to create to deliver exactly the sort of business insights that you’re looking to discover.

A mystery shopping campaign from BeMyEye truly does open the eyes of businesses not just to revenue opportunities that they may be missing but also in terms of delivering telling information on how your customers are engaging with your products and whether the sales staff responsible for championing your goods are performing as they should.

The importance of visibility particularly became clear through the insights we got from BeMyEye and we’re now able to spend marketing budget much more effectively.

Andrea Guanci

Marketing Director, MSC Cruises

The actionable information provided by BeMyEye translated into higher product availability at the launch of a product, resulting in 10-20% of sales that otherwise would have been lost had the corrective measures not been taken.

Gianfranco Luculano

Sales Director, 20th Century Fox